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The Witcher - Vesemir Dice Set

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"Don't train alone, it only embeds your errors," as Vesemir once said, remarking on young Ciri’s eagerness to learn the ways of a witcher. And one would be wise to heed his advice. A veteran of many sword fights over the years, the experienced Vesemir — as the oldest witcher alive — taught the art of fencing to other monster slayers at Kaer Morhen, including one Geralt of Rivia, helping him to become such a fearsome opponent in battle. Indeed, the School of the Wolf wouldn’t be the same without Vesemir’s watchful eye, teaching skills, and sage insights.

Three dice sets honor the formidable Vesemir. Every set contains 7 polyhedral dice and the high face of each displays the sigil for the Witcher School of the Wolf. A metal coin is also included (which serves as both a D2 and coin flip) and has Vesemir's face on one side, and the walls of the Witcher keep, Kaer Morhen, on the other.

Set options:
  • The Sword Master - The eldest of them, will skill and wisdom. This dramatic set is done in black with contrasting matte gold numbering.
  • The Old Wolf - Ancient and respected. This set is done in pale beige, with rich brown numbering.
  • The Wise Witcher - Knowledge, passed on to the next generation. This set is done in swirled caramel with matte gold numbering.

Officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Each set includes 7 polyhedral dice and 1 metal coin.

Item #:
The Sword Master: QW-SWVE4A
The Old Wolf: QW-SWVE01
The Wise Witcher: QW-SWVE03

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