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  • A bronze and green dragon circle the sky above a tower that pierces the clouds on this tapestry blanket

    Clouds Tower Tapestry Blanket

    This striking blanket is a celebration of dragons! The image by renown artist Ciruelo features two of these magical beasts, one bronze and one gree...

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  • set of nuzzling dragons in the shape of a heart on top of gems

    Dragon Heart Flutes

    Passion sparkles from the crystals in their eyes and at the rocks below them. When these glasses are set together the dragons nuzzle, their tails e...

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  • $12.99

    Hoarfrost Dragon Ornament

    Hoarfrost Dragon Ornament Love dragons? Then let this little one dangle somewhere noticeable in your home! Be it for Christmas on the tree or hang...

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  • $11.99

    Dragon Magnets Set 1

    Dragon Magnets Set 1 This fantastic set includes four dragon magnets! Each of the beasts is a different color and pose. One of the magnets feature...

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  • Dark blue dragon figurine with golden eyes

    Nightfall Dragon

    Nightfall Dragon This fantastic dragon is based upon the artwork of Ruth Thompson. The majestic creature is a rich indigo color, reminiscent of de...

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  • A blue-purple dragon peers up over the edge of a coffee mug to see what's inside

    Whatcha Drinkin' Figurine

    Whatcha Drinkin' Figurine Guests will do a double-take if they see this mug sitting on your coffee table! The statue features a little dragon perc...

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  • The dragon perches upon a rocky crag, mouth open and eyes alert. It has iridescent scales and accents of sapphire blue fading to white, reminiscent of snow and ice. Wings splay out above the dragon's back, and its tail curls and spirals gracefully down the rocks.

    Sapphire Sentinel Dragon

    This gorgeous beast is based upon the artwork of Andrew Bill! The dragon perches upon a rocky crag, mouth open and eyes alert. It has iridescent sc...

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  • Trinket box shaped like an ornate medieval chest with dragon designs and Celtic knotwork. A dragon perches on the lid. Done in a gray stone color

    Dragon Chest Trinket Box

    This fabulous trinket box is the perfect place to store your small treasures! On top of the box perches a dragon with mouth open and wings curved a...

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  • Hear, Speak, See No evil dragons sitting together in purple, green and red accented with metallic gold

    Hear, Speak, See No Evil Dragons

    Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil! This classic saying has been taken to a whole new level by these shining dragons. The young drakes each f...

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  • Steampunk dragon in shades of gold and bronze, with one claw on an ornate patterned sphere

    Steampunk Dragon with Sphere

    This fabulous figurine features a fine dragon! The drake has been done in a Steampunk fashion, with various shades of metal-- copper, bronze, and g...

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  • single tailed dragon switch plate made from metal

    Dragon Switch plate (single)

    Name: Dragon Switch plate (single) Size: 3" W x 4 5/8" H Dragon themed pewter light switch plate. Let this intricatly detailed dragon guard yo...

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  • $12.99

    Hyperion Dragon Ornament

    Hyperion Dragon Ornament This stunning ornament will catch the eye and ignite the imagination! Designed by artist Ruth Thompson, it features a dra...

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  • $12.99

    Talisman Dragon Ornament

    Talisman Dragon Ornament This striking ornament will add a touch of the fantastic to your Christmas tree, or anywhere else you choose to hang it! ...

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  • $11.99

    Dragon Magnets Set 2

    Dragon Magnets Set 2 Bring some magic to your locker, fridge, or anywhere else you can get a magnet to stick! This set of four magnets features th...

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  • $11.99

    Dragon Magnets Set 3

    Dragon Magnets Set 3 Four fun dragon magnets will assist you in decorating fridge, locker, or any other magnetic surface! The set includes a purple...

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  • two dragons shaped into hear form holding a gem necklace

    Dragon Heart Necklace

    Dragon Heart Necklace Only Love can make two dragons share their treasure! Made from lead-free pewter with a faceted heart-shaped Austrian crysta...

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  • Fairy in bleu with flower accents holding an indigo dragon

    Spring Fairy with Dragon

    This gorgeous figurine features a fairy and her dragon friend! The fae is spring themed, done in the colors of melting ice and newly blooming flowe...

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  • from $15.95

    Fire Dragon T-Shirt

    Fire Dragon T-Shirt This awesome shirt is a great way to show your love for dragonkind! The tee features a family of dragons. One, the mother, per...

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  • $70.99

    Checkmate Dragon on Crystal

    Checkmate Dragon on Crystal This gorgeous figurine is perfect for anyone with a love of magic! A majestic blue and purple dragon perches upon a gi...

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  • $20.00

    Baby Winged Dragon

    This adorable little dragon has just hatched! The pewter baby dragon is getting a feel for his wings and tail, waving them around. Keep this little...

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  • $12.99

    Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament

    Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament A dragon makes for a dramatic companion! Let this one dangle somewhere nearby and keep you company. The ornament fe...

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  • Steampunk themed dragon mug with a bronze dragon against a silver gunmetal colored background. The handle is also done like a dragon. With a stainless steel insert to hold a beverage

    Steampunk Dragon Mug

    What better mug to drink your coffee, tea, or cocoa from than this unique vessel? The finest choice for those who adore the Steampunk genre, the cu...

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  • $49.50

    Dragon Leather Check Book Cover

    Name: Dragon Leather Check Book Cover Size: 6.5" x 3.5" This bright and bold leather checkbook comes in a vivid red color. It features an Orient...

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  • $95.99

    Bloodfire Dragon

    Fiery Grim Guardian Dragon This fierce beast is ready to guard your castle! The dragon figurine is inspired by the artwork of Andrew Bill. The dra...

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  • $73.99

    The Elder Draconis

    Dragons should always be respected! This one, in particular, demands it. The ancient beast is pale, tinged with blue on wings and scales, and gazes...

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  • $75.00

    Nightwatch Dragon

    This impressive pewter dragon keeps watch. Its tail curls around and its wings are mantled, and both are adorned with golden accents. The beast car...

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  • from $15.95

    Sea Dragons T-Shirt

    Sea Dragons T-Shirt Share a tender moment with these beautiful sea dragons! Deep in an underwater cavern, a mother sea dragon swims to her baby. R...

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  • Figurine with a white unicorn upon which rides a fairy with a blue outfit and wings. The pixie carries a green dragon on her arm

    Realm of Enchantment Trio

    Unicorns, dragons, and fairies go hand in hand, and have long been the subjects of daydreams! Bring that daydream to life with this amazing figurin...

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  • $24.99

    Raspberry Dragon

    Raspberry Dragon Fresh raspberries in summer... what could be better? Why, a cute little raspberry dragon, of course! This charming figurine is ba...

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  • An orange dragon mimicking the fruit stands with white flowers

    Orange Dragon

    Stop comparing apples to oranges... compare dragons to oranges, instead! This little figurine is based upon the unique artwork of Stanley Morrison....

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  • set of dragon wedding wine glass positioned to form a heart with dragons nuzzling and inlayed with gems

    Dragon Heart Wine Glasses

    Dragon Heart Wine Glasses (Set of 2 glasses) Size: 9 3/4" tall For our romantic wine lovers, at last! These dragons nuzzle and curl their tails ...

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  • $75.00

    Pewter Sea Dragon

    This unique pewter piece features a sea dragon! The serpent swims along, dipping in and out of the water. The ocean waves are adorned with crystals...

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  • from $19.95

    Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt

    Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt This gorgeous shirt features a fairy and her best friends! The pixie rides upon a lovely unicorn, pure white, with ro...

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  • A red dragon with green accents mimicking a strawberry stands amidst white flowers with a bee friend

    Strawberry Dragon

    Strawberry Dragon Strawberries are probably one of the most beloved fruit out there, so it stands to reason that everyone will love this strawberr...

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  • $25.00

    Dragon with Treasure

    This little pewter treasure chest contains a surprise-- a tiny dragon! The little beasty sits atop the gold and gems, guarding it. The box is adorn...

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  • from $49.99

    Black Dragon Hoodie

    Black Dragon Hoodie This hoodie features a fearsome black dragon. The beast crouches upon a rocky ledge, mouth open in a challenge, showing off hi...

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  • A blue dragon perches on a stack of three books

    Indigo Book Dragon Figurine

    This colorful friend wants to share his favorite stories with you! The figurine is based upon the artwork of Amy Brown, and features a dragon stand...

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  • $19.99

    Dual Dragons Heart Necklace

    Name: Dual Dragons Heart This unique necklace is perfect for any dragon-loving Steampunk aficionado! In the center of the heart are gears, lendin...

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  • $49.99

    Dragon Bookend Set

    Name: Dragon Bookend Set These fabulous bookends have the look of old stone. Mirror-image dragon heads have artistic wing-like designs, and a flat...

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  • A dragon sits on the lid of a trinket box. The box sides have a Celtic knot pattern and the whole thing is done in a stone gray color

    Celtic Dragon Box

    This dragon is the perfect guardian for your small treasures. Known for their hoards, he will keep your trinkets safe! The dragon sits with head an...

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  • $14.99

    Indigo Hatchling in Egg

    Indigo Hatchling in Egg This cute little dragon is about to break out of its egg! The hatchling isn't quite ready to step out into the world, thou...

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  • Goblet with two dragons forming a heart in black upon a dark red background

    Double Dragon Goblet

    This striking goblet would be a great gift for fantasy-loving newlyweds! The vessel features a design with a pair of dragons, who, as they gaze at ...

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  • $21.99

    Artichoke Dragon

    Artichoke Dragon Artichokes are a pretty unique plant... and this is an extremely unique dragon! Based upon the artwork of Stanley Morrison, the f...

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  • $72.99

    Dragon Mask Wall Plaque

    Dragon Mask Wall Plaque This wonderful mask makes a fine wall hanging for any dragon lover! Detailed scales of varying sizes make up the face, and...

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  • Purple dragon with gold accents on blue and white crystals

    Purple Dragon on Crystals with LED Light

    Purple Dragon on Crystals with LED Light Light and magic! This stunning piece features a dramatic dragon. The beast is done in rich purple and shi...

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  • $39.99

    Hot Chocolate Dragon

    Hot Chocolate Dragon Stanley Morrison's beverage dragons are utterly charming, and this little guy is no exception! The theme of this dragon is ho...

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  • Rectangular trinket box with dragons on the lid and side and Celtic knotwork designs

    Celtic Dragon Trinket Box

    This gorgeous little box is the perfect place for any dragon lover to keep their trinkets! The vessel features a dragon on the lid, mouth open in a...

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  • $64.99

    Metallic Steampunk Dragon

    Metallic Steampunk Dragon This gorgeous dragon will be the perfect addition to your treasure trove... or your airship! The beast has been done in ...

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