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Selina Fenech

Selina Fenech

  • A pixie sits at a fountain wishing well with golden coins. Art by Selina Fenech, cross stitch mockup
    from $19.00

    Fairy Wishing Well Cross Stitch Pattern by Selina Fenech

    A pixie sits at the edge of a fountain, in quiet contemplation. Coins are stacked nearby. A magical project to work through! Please note, this is a...

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  • Art by Selina Fenech. A red haired maiden stands at a rose-covered archway in the forest with her two fox companions.  Cross stitch mockup
    from $19.00

    Foxgate Cross Stitch Pattern by Selina Fenech

    Deep in the forest, a magical archway stands, wrapped in twining white roses. At it, a lovely red-haired maiden waits, wearing a dress that echoes ...

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  • Art by Selina Fenech. Fairy sits on a branch playing music on a harp above a pond. Golden fireflies dot the air. Cross stitch mockup
    from $19.00

    Firefly Song Cross Stitch Pattern by Selina Fenech

    How do pixies entertain themselves, hidden deep away from mortal eyes? Music! This lovely glowing fairy lady plays a harp strung on  a winding tree...

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  • A pale haired maiden in a white dress stands in silver clouds at the eye of the storm. Lightning flickers in a circle and white birds soar. Art by Selina Fenech
    from $19.00

    Eye of the Storm Cross Stitch Pattern by Selina Fenech

    Stormy skies reveal a pale beauty as you stitch this project together. A dark blue sky flickers with a halo of lightning and silver clouds, as whit...

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  • The pixie wears a dress of pale blue and white and has hair to match, and her transparent wings are reminiscent of ice. She leans over the water in which she stands, dangling a key just above the surface.

    Fishing For Riddles Fairy

    Have you ever gone fishing for riddles? This fairy is trying her luck doing just that... who knows what she'll find! The pixie wears a dress of pa...

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  • Mermaid with pink scales and white-blond hair laying on a bed of red roses

    Sea of Roses Mermaid

    This gorgeous figurine is based upon the stunning artwork of Selina Fenech! A mermaid rests upon a bed of roses. She has scales on her tail and arm...

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  • $108.99

    Threshold Fairy

    Bring a little light and magic into your world with this amazing figurine! The sculpture, based on artwork by Selina Fenech, features a fairy crouc...

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  • Angel and mermaid intertwined in an embrace. Done in tinted bronze

    Impossible Love (Bronze)

    This stunning bronze representation captures a moment of love and longing between two very different beings - an angel and a mermaid. It's a love f...

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  • $53.99

    Winged Things Fairy

    Winged Things Artist: Selina Fenech Fairy with dragonfly wings holding a baby dragon. Size: 9.2" H Hand Painted Polystone Item# US-WU76824AA

  • $17.99

    Gothic Fantasy Coloring Book

    Gothic Fantasy Coloring Book Another way to express your creativity! Selina Fenech has filled this awesome adult coloring book with images of myth...

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  • $64.49

    Earth Life Magic Bookend

    Earth Life Magic Bookend Artist: Selina Fenech Size: 9.25" H Made of PolystoneItem# US-WU76850AA

  • he pixie is clad in a skirt of leaves and has ornately detailed butterfly wings that match her little friend, a butterfly. They sit on a mushroom. Based on the art of Selina Fenech
    Sold out

    Small Things Fairy

    This adorable figurine by Selina Fenech captures a magical moment between a fairy and her butterfly companion! The little creatures hang out togeth...

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  • Sold out

    Firefly's Song with LED Lights

    This absolutely stunning figurine lights up, drawing the eye and captivating the soul! It's based upon the enchanting artwork of Selina Fenech. A p...

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  • Sold out

    Guardian Angel by Selina Fenech

    A touching moment shared between mortal and angel. A girl stands, held in the embrace of her handsome guardian angel. The detailed figurine is base...

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