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Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

  • Cast iron mermaid holding up a fish bowl with a lovely patina

    Mermaid with Fish Dish

    This charming mermaid is quite helpful! She holds up a fish-shaped dish. It can be used for a variety of things - soap in the bathroom, keys near t...

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  • Butterfly and vines cast iron plant hanger

    Butterfly Cast Iron Planter Bracket

    Hang beautiful flower baskets with this decorative butterfly cast iron planter bracket. This planter hanger will add a pop of fun to any outdoor sp...

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  • Bronze cats wind chimes with a leaf hanging from the bottom

    Bronze Cats Wind Chime

    Cat silhouettes and bells adorn this wind chime to give a clear and graceful sound. Wind chimes are symbolic of serenity and tranquility and are al...

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  • Frog with a cup of tea and a book, sitting on a mushroom. A flower light (solar powered) is above him

    Reading Frog on a Mushroom Solar Light

    Make your garden look like a whimsical place filled with magic and wonder with this adorable statue of a charming frog relaxing on a mushroom. He's...

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  • Majestic lion statue in a stone finish, paw resting atop a shield crest

    Guardian Lion Statue

    With his mighty paw placed atop a crested shield, a regal lion surveys all who approach the door to your castle. Inspired by the centuries-old ston...

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  • Angel playing a harp wind chimes, done in a rusting pale stone finish

    Angel Harp Wind Chime

    When a slight breeze passes through your garden, you'll love the sound of this wind chime. Admire the antique stone finish of this musical angel st...

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  • Celestial wind chime in blue and gold with stars, a sun and a moon

    Celestial Wind Chime

    This celestial windchime will bring a touch of the skies down to earth and into your garden! The colorful chimes feature a sun in gold at the top, ...

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  • A frog reading a book sits upon his turtle friend

    Solar Frog on Turtle

    Make your garden look like a whimsical place filled with magic and wonder with this adorable statue of a charming frog riding a turtle. Figurine is...

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  • Solar powered garden stake featuring a fairy hovering above a pink glass orb accented in flowers. The orb lights up at night!

    Fairy Orb Solar Stake

    This beautiful fairy outdoor solar garden stake lights automatically in the dark to illuminate your garden and pathway while being displayed as yar...

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  • Gnome holding orb that lights up. He has a green hat with a butterfly on it

    Solar Gnome Holding Orb

    Decorate your home indoor or out with this Gnome Holding Orb Solar Statue. Use it to spruce up your garden, light up a pathway, accompany a vegetab...

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  • Solar powered fairy figurine shows of a pixie in pink admiring tall flowers

    Solar Peony Fairy

    A sweet young fairy pauses to admire a new-found patch of blushing blooms, blessing your garden with the beauty of spring. Enjoy this statue both d...

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  • Kitten in a teacup solar garden stake

    Kitten in Cup Solar Stake

    This precious teacup kitten stake lights automatically in the dark to illuminate your garden and pathway while being displayed as yard art during t...

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  • Celestial sun and moon wall plaque

    Celestial Wall Plaque

    This lovely celestial plaque features intricate details that lend astral glory to the starry stone-look of this moon and sun plaque for home or gar...

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  • Angel figurine with dove on her hand. Wears a dress of pink rose petals

    Solar Pink Rose Angel

    Add a calming presence to your outdoor space with this charming angel garden statue. This beautiful garden angel features a solar powered design th...

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  • Birdhouse made from knotty wood and faux moss

    Moss Edged Birdhouse

    This is knot your ordinary birdhouse! Charmingly constructed of bits of knotty wood and richly trimmed with bright green faux-moss, this crafty lit...

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  • Metal butterfly garden stake

    Butterfly Garden Stake

    This lovely butterfly garden stake will add a touch of whimsy to your garden! Perfect for front or back yard, the metal butterfly has fun patterns ...

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  • Gnome holding flower topped birdhouse and a welcome sign, upon which sits a bluebird

    Solar Bluebird Welcome Gnome

    Welcome your friends to your favorite outdoor spot with this simply adorable statue. A classic gnome stands with a welcome sign, flower-topped bird...

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  • A tiny gate meant for a fairy garden, made of metal in a trellis arbor shape with a floral motif

    Metal Arbor Fairy Garden Gate

    This small gate is the perfect way to welcome fairies into your garden! The pixie-sized piece is perfect to nestle amidst plants and flowerpots and...

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  • Fairy in pink dress and hat with brown hair and purple white wings leans on a red mushroom. A garden snail sits next to her
    Sold out

    Small Snail Fairy

    A pixie and her snail friend! This adorable figurine is perfect to nestle amongst the flowers in a fairy garden. The fae has a pink dress and match...

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  • Butterfly windchime featuring a metal butterfly cutout at the top and more 'fluttering' below along with the iron chimes

    Fluttering Butterflies Wind Chimes

    A flock of butterflies to fill your days and evenings with sweet sound! This beautiful metal wind chime features a singular butterfly cutout on top...

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  • Garden stepping stone with a glittery green hummingbird feeding from a pink flower. There are jewel accents in yellow on the flower, and pink 'berries' on green leafy vines

    Green Hummingbird Stepping Stone

    Make your garden sparkle with this whimsical hummingbird garden stone. This decorative stone features vibrant green and pink colors with glitter ac...

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  • Cherub angel peacefully sleeping, done in white for the garden

    Solar Peaceful Cherub

    This little angel will really light up your life! This resting cherub is sleeping sweetly folded in detailed wings. The statue lights up after the ...

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  • Gnome in green and a fancy hat sits on a red mushroom, accompanied by a tiny snail on another toadstool. The garden gnome holds a lantern that glows via solar power

    Solar Gnome on Mushroom

    This happy little mushroom gnome will brighten you days and your nights. This charming garden accent features a solar panel that soaks up the sun a...

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  • Antique metal key thermometer

    Antique Key Thermometer

    This easy to hang iron d??cor is beautiful and functional. Keep track of temps while enjoying the ornate beauty of the design. Hang this durable ca...

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  • Birdhouse with green topped mushroom and windows and chimney, and a floral pattern on the front

    Green Mushroom Birdhouse

    Create a birdwatching sanctuary in your own backyard with this fun and unique green mushroom birdhouse! This functional d??cor piece is snug and co...

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  • Celestial stepping stone with sun and moon and stars. The moon and stars are yellow and glow in the dark

    Sun & Moon Glowing Stepping Stone

    The sun and moon, together in harmony, are both a welcome presence in your garden or yard. This cool stepping stone features the sun and a yellow c...

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  • Metal dragonfly garden stake

    Dragonfly Garden Stake

    A sweet addition to your front or backyard garden, this charming dragonfly garden stake will make your outdoor space feel instantly more inviting. ...

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  • Solar garden gnome sitting on bench with light-up box of treasure and jewels. Squirrel perches nearby

    Solar Welcome Bench Gnome

    If your yard is a gem, this charming gnome welcome sign is the crowning jewel! He's perched on a rustic bench along with his squirrel friend, and b...

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  • Solar light with fairy base. Pixie has a pink dress and wings

    Solar Fairy Walkway Lamp

    Shed mystical, magical solar-powered light on your garden path with this charming fairy. Her pink wings and matching fairy dress will delight you a...

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  • Gnome sitting on a mushroom reading. His book lights up!

    Solar Bookworm Gnome

    This charming little gnome is lost in a good book, but you'll always be able to find him thanks to the solar panel that makes him glow! This colorf...

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  • Fairy in a pink dress with basket of flowers that lights up at night. Pink wings with flower accents.

    Pink Solar Fairy

    This pink fairy delivers lovely glow to your garden at night, and charming flowers by day! This garden statue features a pretty fairy with pink win...

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  • Metal and pine wind chime with a butterfly on top and a swirling heart dangling at the bottom

    Butterfly & Heart Wind Chime

    This lovely wind chime will charm you, even when the breeze is still. Itƒ??s made from iron and pine wood and it features a pretty butterfly on top...

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  • Trio of fairy boys. One is in a green outfit. Another in yellow plays a violin, and a third in purple holds a flower

    Mini Garden Pixie-Boy Trio

    This set of pixies is ready to move on in to your fairy garden! The trio of boy-fae includes one in green, one in cheerful yellow, and a third in p...

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  • A pair of mushrooms, one red and one purple

    Mushroom Decor Set

    These little mushrooms are the perfect addition to a fairy garden! After all, pixies love toadstools. One of the cute shrooms is red with white spo...

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  • $30.99

    Fairy Cottage with LED

    Fairy Cottage with LED This adorable piece is sure to please the fairies! Perfect for a miniature setup or fairy garden, it takes the shape of a l...

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  • $4.99

    Mini Fae Garden Fountain

    Mini Fae Garden Fountain Make sure you've got the most stylish fairy garden in town! The pixies will be pleased with this adorable little fountain...

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  • $7.99

    Red Fairy Garden Door

    Red Fairy Garden Door This little red door is the perfect portal for a fairy to enter. The fae garden accent features mushrooms, flowers and bugs,...

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  • $11.99

    Fairy Garden Table & Chairs Set

    Fairy Garden Table & Chairs Set Even pixies need a place to sit! Give them just that with this adorable set of table and chairs. Perfect for a...

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  • Sale
    from $49.99

    Garden Dragon Flower Pot

    Garden Dragon Flower Pot Need a little help watching over your garden? This dragon will keep an eye on things! This adorable pot is perfect for ...

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  • $15.99

    Peacock Windchime

    This stunning windchime will bring a pop of color and fun to your garden! Perfect to nestle amidst the flowers, display prominently on a porch, or ...

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  • $19.99

    Fairy Pinecone Cottage

    Fairy Pinecone Cottage A rustic pinecone home for the fairies to live within! This adorable pixie house is perfect for your fairy garden. Made t...

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  • $13.99

    Ladybug Fae Garden Table & Chairs

    Ladybug Fae Garden Table & Chairs This adorable set of table with chairs is the perfect place for a pixie or two to sit and enjoy the morning!...

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  • Fairy statue with a pink dress and three yellow daisies that light up via solar power at night. The pixie has iron wings with a floral motif

    Solar Garden Blooms Fairy

    This pretty fairy statue will make your garden or yard more beautiful, day and night. When the sunƒ??s out, youƒ??ll enjoy her intricate detailing ...

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  •  The little figurine is ideal for a fairy garden. She wears a pink dress and has peach wings to match, and a flower hat! She gazes out serenely.

    Small Sitting Pink Fairy

    This perfect pixie will perk up your plants! The little figurine is ideal for a fairy garden. She wears a pink dress and has peach wings to match, ...

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  • $24.99

    Tree of Life Windchime

    Connection is found through nature, and the Tree of Life symbolizes that in many myths and cultures. This fantastic windchime will bring a touch of...

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  • $10.49

    Miniature Fairy Garden Arbor

    Miniature Fairy Garden Arbor If you're making a fairy garden, you should go all out! Accessories are key. This little garden arbor is the perfect ...

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  • Cast iron butterfly stepping stone for the garden

    Iron Butterfly Stepping Stone

    Let this beautiful butterfly lead the way to your garden! Made from cast iron, this durable and pretty stepping stone is a great way to add style t...

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  • Sold out

    Flower Fairy Cottage with LED

    Flower Fairy Cottage with LED Ever fairy deserves a fine house, and this cottage is certainly that! Perfect for use in a fairy garden, the little ...

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