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Fairy Figurines

Fairy Figurines


Fairy Figurines & Collectibles

  • Fairy with blue wings and striped stockings taking a nap in a coffee cup

    I Need Coffee Fairy

    Some mornings, you just don't want to get up and the only thing that gets you through the day is that first beautiful cup of steaming coffee. You a...

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  • A fairy in bright pink with hair and wings to match and striped purple and white stockings sits on a mushroom. Under the toadstool are colorful flowers

    Magenta Fairy

    This bright fairy will add a splash of color to your home! The pixie is based on artwork by renown fantasy artist Amy Brown. The little fae has pin...

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  • A fairy in a blue dress and wings to match sits on a crescent moon. She has light brown hair and holds a bouquet of blossoms, and a black cat sits with her

    Wind Moon Fairy

    This beautiful fae has found a peaceful perch to share with a friend! The pixie relaxes on the curve of a crescent moon, a little black cat at her ...

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  • Lily of the Valley figurine showing a fairy with transparent wings on a mushroom, holding a flower and looking up at more lily of the valley blooms

    Lily of the Valley Fairy

    This lovely fairy sculpture is evocative of spring as she sits on a mushroom and gazes up at the new blooms above her head. The tiny winged female ...

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  • Fairy with purple wings and a lilac dress, sleeping on a toadstool

    Fairyland Sleeping Toadstool Fairy

    This figurine depicts a napping fae! The pixie rests her head upon a toadstool, dreaming peaceful dreams. Her hair is dark brown and spreads out ar...

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  • $98.99

    Fairy Wishing Well

    Fairy Wishing Well This gorgeous piece is based on the beautiful artwork of Selina Fenech! The figurine features a fairy perched at the edge of a ...

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  • Fairy in magenta and purple with matching wings, staring at a pink and purple dragon in a coffee cup

    Fairy with Dragon in Cup

    This fairy is dealing with the age-old problem of dragon in the cocoa... The pixie has a slightly annoyed (but a little amused!) expression as she ...

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  • The pixie wears a dress of pale blue and white and has hair to match, and her transparent wings are reminiscent of ice. She leans over the water in which she stands, dangling a key just above the surface.

    Fishing For Riddles Fairy

    Have you ever gone fishing for riddles? This fairy is trying her luck doing just that... who knows what she'll find! The pixie wears a dress of pa...

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  • $49.99

    Elemental Fire Fairy

    Elemental Fire Fairy This eye-catching collectible features the elemental fairy of fire! The pixie has dark hair and brown wings, and a dress of o...

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  • $40.99

    Cider Faery

    Cider Faery This fantastic collectible features a fairy and a mug of mulled cider! The pixie leans over the hot beverage, out of which sticks a ci...

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  • $60.99

    Kneeling Fairy with Unicorn

    Kneeling Fairy and Unicorn Faires and unicorns are the best of friends! This little pixie sits with her equine friend. The fae wears a dress of la...

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  • Fairy in bleu with flower accents holding an indigo dragon

    Spring Fairy with Dragon

    This gorgeous figurine features a fairy and her dragon friend! The fae is spring themed, done in the colors of melting ice and newly blooming flowe...

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  • $59.99

    Bookworm Fae

    Bookworm Fae If you enjoy books, especially fantasy novels, then this is the figurine for you! The charming pixie lady is based upon the artwork o...

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  • A fairy with pink and blue wings and an outfit to match sits on a cyan book

    Book Fairy

    Book Fairy Figurine This little pixie knows just what to do on a rainy day... read a book! The lovely little fae has a bright color scheme of mage...

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  • Fairg in black with purple and blue and black wings holding a bow. A brown wolf crouches behind her in the snow

    Hunting Fairy with Wolf

    Don't mess with this pixie! The figurine features a fairy dressed in black leather, and holding a bow, arrows hanging at her hip. The fae isn't alo...

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  • $58.99

    Fairy with White Wolf

    Fairy with White Wolf This awesome figurine features a fairy and her canine companion! The pixie has blue wings and a matching corset, worn over a...

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  • $64.99

    Frog Gossip Fairy

    Frog Gossip Fairy What do frogs gossip about? Quite a lot, it would seem! This gorgeous figurine is based upon artwork by Amy Brown. A pixie clad ...

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  • Fairy in red with a butterfly, sitting on an orb

    Crimson Lily Fairy

    Crimson Lily Bold red draws the eye and captivates the mind! This awesome figurine is based upon the artwork of Nene Thomas. It features a fairy l...

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  • $32.00

    Tinker Bell: A Pixie Delight

    This fabulous Tinker Bell figurine has been designed by folk artist Jim Shore! Using his typical flair for patterns and colors, the pixie has acqui...

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  • Figurine with a white unicorn upon which rides a fairy with a blue outfit and wings. The pixie carries a green dragon on her arm

    Realm of Enchantment Trio

    Unicorns, dragons, and fairies go hand in hand, and have long been the subjects of daydreams! Bring that daydream to life with this amazing figurin...

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  • $39.99

    Sweet Tooth Fae

    Sweet Tooth Fae Amy Brown's charming fae are brought to life! This figurine features a sweet little pixie with a love for dessert. The pink fairy ...

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  • Fairy in black dress with red and black wings and hair standing in front of a Gothic archway window. A spider is nearby.

    Arachnafaria Fairy

    Arachnafaria Fairy When dealing with the fae, it's wise not to make promises you can't keep, and to not become entangled within their webs. This p...

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  • $90.99

    Fairy Family by Amy Brown

    Fairy Family This figurine is a magical depiction of family love! The piece is based upon the iconic artwork of Amy Brown. A trio of fairies stand...

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  • $42.99

    Glass Fairy Tales Unicorn

    This enchanting unicorn will bring magic to your home and heart! The glass equine prances forward, frosted glass mane and tail edged in purple. Vio...

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  • $101.49

    Immortal Flight Fairy

    This gorgeous figurine features a mysterious fairy at a pool of water. The pixie has blue wings edged with black designs, and wears an ebony dress....

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  • A fairy dressed in peach with black hair and accents sits in the snow with her cream and white unicorn friend.

    Snowy Fairy & Unicorn

    This stunning pair makes for the perfect winter decor! A fairy sits in the snow, wearing a dress of pale orange and cream, with wings to match, acc...

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  • $80.49

    Lost Love Fairy

    Lost Love Fairy A unique addition to any fairy-lover's collection, this figurine features a Gothic pixie. The fae weeps for her lost love, and wea...

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  • $88.99

    Earth Moon Fairy

    Earth Moon Fairy Sit amongst the stars for a while, won't you? That's what this lovely fae is doing. The pixie, inspired by the art of Nene Thomas...

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  • $96.99

    Mystic Aura Fairy

    Fairies are one with nature, and this lovely lady is no exception. The pixie walks across the grassy earth, which is dotted with little blue flower...

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  • $39.99

    Glass Moon Fairy

    Glass Moon Fairy This gorgeous piece features a glass fairy perched upon a crescent moon. The pixie has long, golden hair and wings of frosted whi...

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  • $119.99

    Firefly's Song with LED Lights

    This absolutely stunning figurine lights up, drawing the eye and captivating the soul! It's based upon the enchanting artwork of Selina Fenech. A p...

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  • $50.99

    Flowery Fairy & Unicorn

    Flowery Fairy & Unicorn This gorgeous figurine portrays a peaceful scene! A fairy maiden kneels next to her unicorn friend, petting the majest...

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  • $36.99

    Fairyland Autumn Fairy

    Fairyland Autumn Fairy This autumn-hued fairy sits upon a leaf, gazing out. The pixie has dark brown hair and wings of brown, tan and yellow. Her ...

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  • Fairy figurine. Pixie wears a sunshine yellow dress and has wings of pale yellow and green. She has red hair and sits on a mauve toadstool. Under the mushrooms are leaves and a rock base.

    Little Mae Faery

    This gorgeous figurine features a fairy designed by artist Amy Brown! The pixie sits perched upon a dark mushroom. She wears a dress of sunshine ye...

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  • A fairy sits in a teacup, taking a bath. She has a surprised expression and her legs stick out the cup, a teabag wrapped around one

    Tea Bath Fairy

    You seem to have surprised this fairy! The pixie was taking a bath... in your teacup! The adorable figurine, inspired by Renee Biertempfel's artwor...

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  • $79.99

    Dark Skies

    The skies may be dark, but that isn't always a bad thing! This beautiful fae lady can certainly appreciate a bit of darkness. The fairy perches upo...

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  • $75.99

    Frost Fairy Moon

    Frost Moon Fairy This fairy is absolutely stunning, and will bring a spark of true moon magick into your home. The lovely winged maiden is based u...

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  • A fairy in purple dress, stockings, and with purple wings walks with a violet dragon holding out a flower

    Dragons Are Romantic

    Aw, what a lovely pair! Based upon the artwork of Amy Brown, this figurine features a fairy and her dragon friend. The dragon presents his friend w...

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  • $155.99

    Pumpkin Queen Fairy

    Special Order - May take a few extra days to ship out! This gorgeous figurine is based upon the artwork of Amy Brown! It's perfect for fall, and f...

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  • Fairy in pink and purple with blue tipped wings and brown hair sits on a cloud

    Fairyland Cloud Fairy

    This lovely fae lady sits upon a cloud tinged with violet. She wears a dress of red-pink, accented in black and purple, and has wings that match. S...

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  • $91.49

    Child of War

    This awesome figurine is edgy and eye-catching! The dragon-winged fairy kneels, skulls at her feet and a red-tinged dagger in her hand. Her impress...

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  • $33.99

    Autumn Bubble Fairy

    Autumn Bubble Fairy A gorgeous celebration of autumn, this fairy is ready for that chill to drift through the air and the leaves to begin to chang...

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  • $121.99


    Absinthe Drawer This absolutely captivating figurine features feline and fairy! The piece shows a black cat with a Celtic knot collar. The cat gaz...

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  • $101.99

    Rockabye Fairy

    Rockabye Fairy This stunning figurine, based on artwork by Selina Fenech, features a sleeping fairy! The pixie stretches out upon the strong limb ...

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  • $108.99

    Threshold Fairy

    Bring a little light and magic into your world with this amazing figurine! The sculpture, based on artwork by Selina Fenech, features a fairy crouc...

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  • Figurine showing a fairy in green dress and brown corset with green and white wings. On her shoulder is an emerald green dragon, they sit in a meadow with yellow flowers

    Summer Fairy with Dragon

    This lovely figurine will please anyone with a love for the fairies! the statue features a pixie and her green dragon companion. The fae exemplifie...

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  • $82.99

    Bad Dragon

    Bad Dragon "Spit him out!" ou can practically hear the pixie telling the dragon to do just that as she points her finger at him. The colorful pai...

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  • $94.99

    Only Love Remains

    Only Love Remains This gorgeous figurine by Anne Stokes will bring a touch of elegance and magic into your home. It evokes wistful emotions, and f...

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Add Magic and Whimsy to your Home Decor!


FairyGlen has a great selection of fairy figurines and statues from a range of incredible fantasy artists. Perfect to give as gifts, they bring magic into the mundane and add sparkle to any setting.


The art of Amy Brown comes to life with her charming beverage fairies, starring the popular I Need Coffee Fairy, as well as her colorful range including the much loved Magenta Fairy and Violet Fairy.


Artist Nene Thomas also offers stunning pixies and sorceresses, including the best selling Wind Moon Fairy, Queen of Havoc with her dragon companion, and lovely Winter Wings with accompanying horse, just to name a few favorites!


And there are plenty of other choices, from Elemental Fairies to the fae of legends and folklore. They come in all colors, and a wide variety of sizes, so no matter what nook you need to fill, there's a wonderful fae friend for you to find!


For the collectors looking for that special something they don't yet have, we are constantly adding new figurines to our offerings. Make sure to check back and see what's new, and sign up for our newsletter to be alerted to the latest pixies!

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