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Free Shipping over $100* US only
Gifts for Her

Gifts for Her

  • Pewter wildflower purse key hook

    Wildflower Key Ring Purse Hook

    A great gift, this purse hook attaches to your keys and clips to the edge of your bag, ensuring that they are always within reach! A stunning pewte...

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  • Tree of Life Purse key hook has a medallion with a world tree and a clip for keys

    Tree of Life Key Ring Purse Hook

    Be ready with your keys without the hassle of digging through your purse! This handy holder clips to the side of the bag, and has a hook off of whi...

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  • Pewter oak leaf and acorn medallion tops a purse hook with a clip for your keys

    Oak Leaves Key Ring Purse Hook

    Always have your keys at the ready with this fantastic purse hook! It hugs the outer edge of your bag, and inside his a clip to attach your keys to...

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  • Pewter rose hook with key ring to keep keys organized in a purse

    Rose Key Ring Purse Hook

    This stunning little piece is the perfect thing to keep you organized - never lose your keys inside your purse again! The hook fits on the side of ...

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  • Blond fairy with a purple dress and wings sleeps on a tall white stag in the forest

    Sleeping Fairy on Deer

    Special Order - May take a few extra days to ship out! This stunning figurine is a work of magic! A blond pixie with flower-laden hair and a long, ...

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  • Lamp featuring the Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Crone stand around a column supporting the glowing white orb light.

    Maiden Mother Crone Lamp

    Availability: Special Order! Will take a few extra days to ship out Cast some magic light with this fantastic lamp, honoring the Triple Goddess in ...

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  • A fairy in red with crimson wings sits on a ledge surrounded by roses and white butterflies. The finished product of a diamond painting kit

    Winter Rose Fairy Diamond Dotz Kit

    Spend a rainy day working on this stunning diamond painting! The revealed image features the artwork of Rachel Anderson. A stunning brunette f...

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  • Earthy sand-toned angel with arms crossed and wings curving around her.

    Desert Angel

    Appearing to rise from the windblown desert sand, a gentle angel folds her arms and cups her wings in reverent prayer. An earthy spiritual decorati...

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  • Black metal and glass flower tealight chandelier with crystals. Hangs from chain.

    Midnight Blooms Candle Chandelier

    This intriguing candle chandelier mixes curls of black metal, six twilight-kissed glass candle cups, and a bevy of faceted dangling crystals that c...

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  • Twin fairy oil warmer featuring a pink and an indigo fairy with glittery wings, each holding a dove and holding up the glass oil warmer. The tealight candle sits on the forest floor between them.

    Twin Fairies Oil Warmer

    Choose your fragrance and let this pair of fairies add their sweetness to your warming oil. Each fairy holds a dove, bringing a sense of peace to t...

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  • Candleholder with a metal  butterfly and lily blossoms curving above a pale purple candle holder with butterfly designs

    Butterfly Lily Candle Holder

    Candlelight never looked so dreamy! This beautiful silver candle stand features a cutout butterfly fluttering past delicate lily flowers, while the...

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  • Trail of Painted Ponies figurine showing off rearing horse covered in clouds and lightning with a nameplate that reads "Fury"

    Fury Pony

    Thunder booms and lightning strikes, and this incredible equine rears to the furious skies. This awesome addition to the Trail of Painted Ponies co...

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  • Fairy in purple with wings to match sits amongst the violet orchids. Above her is a lamp reminiscent of a lily of the valley blossom

    Orchid Fairy Table Lamp

    Pausing above a newly blooming bed of violet-sunset orchids, a winged beauty reflects upon the peacefulness of her shady forest glade. A gorgeous t...

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  • A tealight candle holder made to look like a deep purple lily flower with two smaller blossoms, on a metal stalk with leaves.

    Twilight Bloom Tealight Holder

    A single dusky purple lily holds a tealight candle, while crystalline flower buds capture the gentle glow. A beautiful reminder of the quiet enchan...

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  • Mermaid wine bottle holder has a whitewashed, rustic look and holds up a bottle of wine on her tail.

    Mermaid Wine Bottle Holder

    This siren of the sea is poised to hold your favorite bottle of wine in weathered style. Place this pretty mermaid on your counter or bar and she'l...

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  • Peacock themed wall sconce candle holder. Votive holders in shades of blue are held amidst jeweled feather-like stems in a rectangular frame. Has three candle holders.
    from $45.99

    Peacock Candle Wall Sconce

    Bring color and light into any space with this beautiful candle sconce. The decorative wall sconce features delicate peacock feathers made from iro...

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  • Fairy with blue wings and striped stockings taking a nap in a coffee cup

    I Need Coffee Fairy

    Some mornings, you just don't want to get up and the only thing that gets you through the day is that first beautiful cup of steaming coffee. You a...

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  • A fairy in a blue dress and wings to match sits on a crescent moon. She has light brown hair and holds a bouquet of blossoms, and a black cat sits with her

    Wind Moon Fairy

    This beautiful fae has found a peaceful perch to share with a friend! The pixie relaxes on the curve of a crescent moon, a little black cat at her ...

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  • $39.99

    Relax Mermaid

    Relax Mermaid This fantastic figurine features a lovely miniature mermaid relaxing in a mug of tea! The siren reclines peacefully, her blue tail d...

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  • $98.99

    Fairy Wishing Well

    Fairy Wishing Well This gorgeous piece is based on the beautiful artwork of Selina Fenech! The figurine features a fairy perched at the edge of a ...

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  • Fairy in magenta and purple with matching wings, staring at a pink and purple dragon in a coffee cup

    Fairy with Dragon in Cup

    This fairy is dealing with the age-old problem of dragon in the cocoa... The pixie has a slightly annoyed (but a little amused!) expression as she ...

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  • The pixie wears a dress of pale blue and white and has hair to match, and her transparent wings are reminiscent of ice. She leans over the water in which she stands, dangling a key just above the surface.

    Fishing For Riddles Fairy

    Have you ever gone fishing for riddles? This fairy is trying her luck doing just that... who knows what she'll find! The pixie wears a dress of pa...

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  • $53.99

    Enchanted Song Mermaid

    Enchanted Song Mermaid This nautical maiden could easily lure a hundred sailors into the sea! The mermaid sits upon the sea floor, surrounded by s...

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  • $91.49

    Bathtime Mermaid

    Bathtime Mermaid Even mermaids take baths sometimes! This gorgeous figurine is based on the artwork of Selina Fenech. The piece features a lovely ...

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  • two dragons shaped into hear form holding a gem necklace

    Dragon Heart Necklace

    Dragon Heart Necklace Only Love can make two dragons share their treasure! Made from lead-free pewter with a faceted heart-shaped Austrian crysta...

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  • $49.50

    Tree of Life Leather Checkbook Cover

    Name: Tree of Life Checkbook Cover Size: 3.5 x 6.5" This splendid leather checkbook cover comes in either saddle brown or a darker walnut color. ...

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  • $19.99

    Emerald Hawthorne Peacock Puzzle - 1000 pcs

    Emerald Hawthorne Puzzle This stunning puzzle will take your imagination to beautiful places as you work to put the pieces together! A beautiful ...

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  • $49.50

    Celtic Braid Leather Check Book Cover

    Name: Celtic Braid Leather Check Book Cover Size: 6.5" x 3.5" This leather checkbook cover comes in a rich shade of green and features knotwork....

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  • Fairy in red with a butterfly, sitting on an orb

    Crimson Lily Fairy

    Crimson Lily Bold red draws the eye and captivates the mind! This awesome figurine is based upon the artwork of Nene Thomas. It features a fairy l...

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  • $32.00

    Tinker Bell: A Pixie Delight

    This fabulous Tinker Bell figurine has been designed by folk artist Jim Shore! Using his typical flair for patterns and colors, the pixie has acqui...

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  • from $19.95

    Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt

    Realm of Enchantment T-Shirt This gorgeous shirt features a fairy and her best friends! The pixie rides upon a lovely unicorn, pure white, with ro...

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  • $88.99

    Earth Moon Fairy

    Earth Moon Fairy Sit amongst the stars for a while, won't you? That's what this lovely fae is doing. The pixie, inspired by the art of Nene Thomas...

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  • $40.99

    Mermaid Tea Blend

    Mermaid Tea Blend With all of the different options for coffee and tea, it can be hard to choose your favorite blend. Might we suggest that you t...

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  • $119.99

    Firefly's Song with LED Lights

    This absolutely stunning figurine lights up, drawing the eye and captivating the soul! It's based upon the enchanting artwork of Selina Fenech. A p...

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    Original price $14.99
    Current price $12.99

    Empress Hitomi Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

    Empress Hitomi Jigsaw Puzzle This striking puzzle will delight the eyes even as it keeps the brain busy! The artwork is the work of Nene Thomas, a...

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  • $79.99

    Dark Skies

    The skies may be dark, but that isn't always a bad thing! This beautiful fae lady can certainly appreciate a bit of darkness. The fairy perches upo...

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  • $24.99

    Trinity Knot Celtic Scarf

    Trinity Knot Celtic Scarf This gorgeous scarf is the perfect accent for any classy outfit! The rich fabric features a Celtic design, with flowing ...

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  • $106.99

    Ascendance Angel by Anne Stokes

    Ascendance This utterly stunning figurine features the artwork of Anne Stokes, brought to life in 3-D glory! A lovely angel flies forth, her white...

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  • $59.99

    Luminescent Fairy Tapestry Blanket

    Luminescent Fairy Tapestry Blanket A beautiful, magical moment has been captured on this stunning blanket! A fairy in a flowing gown shares a quie...

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  • $59.99

    Dragonfly Mugs with Spoons Box Set of 4

    Dragonfly Mugs with Spoons Box Set This wonderful set of 4 mugs with matching spoons is sure to please your guests! Each mug features a dragonfly ...

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  • Save 41%
    Original price $16.99
    Current price $9.99

    Celtic Triple Horse Tote Bag

    Celtic Triple Horse Tote Bag This fantastic cotton tote bag has a classic Celtic horse design upon it. The equines are woven right into the knotwo...

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  • $76.99

    The Witching Hour Figurine

    The Witching Hour Figurine This awesome figurine is based on artwork by Lisa Parker! A black cat lounges atop a stack of books. The feline gazes o...

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  • from $14.99

    Moon Fairy Coffee Mug

    Moon Fairy Coffee Mug This striking fairy is perched upon the crescent moon, spending time with her dragonfly friends. The pixie has insect wings ...

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  • $98.49

    Prayer for the Fallen

    Prayer for the Fallen This angel might not dwell in the brightest heights of heaven, but she still displays her reverence. Kneeling, hands clasped...

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  • $34.99

    Dragonfly Necklace

    Dragonfly Necklace A lovely dragonfly with detailed wings hangs gracefully from this necklace. Our pewter dragonfly necklace is hand cast in smal...

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  • $59.99

    Direwood Fairy Tapestry Blanket

    Direwood Fairy Tapestry Blanket Nene Thomas' artwork comes to life on this fantastic throw! To be used as a blanket or tapestry, the woven artwork...

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  • from $19.95

    The Last Unicorn T-Shirt

    The Last Unicorn T-Shirt This gorgeous shirt features a unicorn... perhaps the last of her kind? The elegant equine glows like the sun, proudly wa...

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  • $28.99

    Tree of Life Earrings

    Tree of Life Earrings Pewter Earings with an Tree of Life design. Size: 1 inch in diameter Made in the USA!Item# OD-ER05

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