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The Witcher - Dandelion Dice Set

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Inspired by The Witcher, these dice celebrate the most musical of wanderers - Dandelion the Bard! (Though some may know him as Jaskier.) Talented, stylishly flamboyant, and perhaps a little too prone to getting himself into trouble, he is friend to Geralt of Rivia, accompanying him on many adventures (and singing about them later.)

Three different dice sets celebrate the renowned troubadour! Each comes with a coin, upon which is Dandelion's likeness, which serves as a D2 or coinflip. The highest value face of each dice and the coin reverse display Dandelion's favored lute, and more musical motifs around the numbers set them apart from your standard polyhedral set. Choose one set, or snag all three!

Set options:
  • Viscount de Lettenhove - A rich purple hue, inked with gold. A nod to Dandelion's more refined side, which allows him to move amongst the lords and ladies.
  • Conqueror of Hearts - A violet shade accented with bright pink numbers. Dandelion is, after all, a charming and romantic fellow... though that might get him into some tricky situations sometimes.
  • Half a Century of Poetry - The deep purple of this set is brightened by flashy turquoise numerals. A representation of Dandelion's creative side, known for poetic recitations and stirring ballads.

Toss a coin to your Witcher, o' valley of plenty...

Officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Each set includes 7 polyhedral dice and 1 metal coin.

Item #:
Viscount: QW-SWDA3Q
Conqueror: QW-SWDA02
Poetry: QW-SWDA03

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