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The Witcher - Triss Dice Set

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Triss Merigold of Maribor- Sorceress, Companion to Geralt, and like an elder sister to Ciri. She plays an important role in the world of The Witcher, and these dice sets commemorate her! The unique sets each reference something different about her history or skills, and would make awesome gifts for a fan of the games, books, or show.

Three different sets of dice have been done for Triss. Each set contains 7 polyhedral dice, and the highest value have a symbol of her pendant. A metal coin is also included (which serves as both a D2 and coin flip) and has Triss' face on one side, and the?ÿher pendant's design on the reverse.

Set options:
  • TheBeautiful Healer-This stunning set pays homage to Triss' skills as a healer and alchemist. A rich turquoise green-blue sets the backdrop for striking gold engravings.
  • Merigold the Fearless-More than a pretty face, Triss is known for her bravery. These dice celebrate that with a bold color scheme of turquoise numbering against rich red.
  • The Fourteenth of the Hill- Earthy green dice are dedicated to Triss, with shining gold numbering highlighting the magical designs.

Officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Each set includes 7 polyhedral dice and 1 metal coin.

Item #:
Beautiful Healer: QW-SWTR97
Merigold the Fearless: QW-SWTR4K
Fourteenth: QW-SWTR4M


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