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The Witcher - Geralt of Rivia Dice Set

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Geralt of Rivia has captured the attention of so many, and these dice are inspired by the formidable man! Whether you have played The Witcher video games, read the books, or watched the Netflix show, these dice make for a fine representation of the enigmatic warrior. Hunter of monsters, friend to bard and sorceress, student of the School of the Wolf, and 'father' to Ciri, Geralt has seen, done, and fought more than his fair share of things.

Three different sets of dice immortalize Geralt. Every set contains 7 polyhedral dice, upon the highest face of each is shown the Wolf School sigil. A metal coin is also included (which serves as both a D2 and coin flip) and has Geralt's face on one side, and the Wolf School symbol on the reverse.

Set options:
  • The Monster Slayer - Mottled, caramel brown is accented in silver on these dice -- the glint of metal against a forest backdrop, to symbolize the ever-ongoing hunt for monsters.
  • The White Wolf - A pearly white backdrop is numbered in earthy, rich brown on this set. The ivory represents The White Wolf - Gwynbleidd - as Geralt is known to some.
  • Roach's Companion - Dark, chocolate brown shines with silver numbering on these dice. Hooves pounding on the ground; the jingle of harness... where would a man be without his horse, after all? And Roach (all of them who have held that name) is the most faithful of steed.

Officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Each set includes 7 polyhedral dice and 1 metal coin.

Item #:
Monster Slayer: SWGE3U
White Wolf: SWGE01
Roach: SWGE3V

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