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Free Shipping over $75* US only
Image shows 3 dragon figurines.

Dragon Figurines & Statues

Dragon Figurines & Statues

  • Brunette fairy in black dress with pink sparkly wings rides on a purple-red dragon with gold accents. Crystals on the base light up via LED

    Dragon Rider

    A fairy maiden rides atop her trusty dragon steed, as glowing crystals light their path. The rich red-purple dragon is accented in gold, and the pi...

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  • Blue and gold dragon perched on a rocky gray dragon head with light-up eyes

    Blue Dragon Warrior Statue with LED

    Ready to go battle, this dragon has fiery red eyes and sharp jagged teeth. Perched atop a rocky skull, he screams out a warning, his scales flashin...

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  • Dragon head trinket with purple scales, green and blue and gold accents, and red eyes

    Purple Dragon Head Trinket Box

    Snoopers, sneaks and would-be spies wonƒ??t dare to disturb your secret treasures! This ferocious dragonƒ??s head figurine is a clever stash spot f...

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  • Blue dragon with gold accents and mouth open in a roar sits atop a skull

    Blue Dragon on Skull

    Full of wickedly Gothic detail, this winged, spiny-tailed dragon is wrapping himself around a truly menacing skull. Metallic blue and gold accents ...

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  • Purple dragon hatchling on an egg with a matching dragon emblem

    Purple Dragon on Egg with LED

    Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world's mythological creatures. This small but mighty hatchling emerges to threaten the wait...

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  • Figurine showing a dragon with pink and blue wings in a purple dress and indigo stockings. She holds onto a purple dragon who has a crystal dangling from its claws.

    Jeweled Glowing Fairy & Dragon

    This light up fairy and dragon figurine will make your space come to life with the beauty of magic. The figurine features a stunning scene of a fai...

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  • A blue-purple dragon peers up over the edge of a coffee mug to see what's inside

    Whatcha Drinkin' Figurine

    Whatcha Drinkin' Figurine Guests will do a double-take if they see this mug sitting on your coffee table! The statue features a little dragon perc...

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  • Trinket box shaped like an ornate medieval chest with dragon designs and Celtic knotwork. A dragon perches on the lid. Done in a gray stone color

    Dragon Chest Trinket Box

    This fabulous trinket box is the perfect place to store your small treasures! On top of the box perches a dragon with mouth open and wings curved a...

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  • Steampunk dragon in shades of gold and bronze, with one claw on an ornate patterned sphere

    Steampunk Dragon with Sphere

    This fabulous figurine features a fine dragon! The drake has been done in a Steampunk fashion, with various shades of metal-- copper, bronze, and g...

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  • $69.99

    Checkmate Dragon on Crystal

    Checkmate Dragon on Crystal This gorgeous figurine is perfect for anyone with a love of magic! A majestic blue and purple dragon perches upon a gi...

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  • $20.00

    Baby Winged Dragon

    This adorable little dragon has just hatched! The pewter baby dragon is getting a feel for his wings and tail, waving them around. Keep this little...

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  • $95.99

    Bloodfire Dragon

    Fiery Grim Guardian Dragon This fierce beast is ready to guard your castle! The dragon figurine is inspired by the artwork of Andrew Bill. The dra...

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  • $73.99

    The Elder Draconis

    Dragons should always be respected! This one, in particular, demands it. The ancient beast is pale, tinged with blue on wings and scales, and gazes...

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  • Figurine with a white unicorn upon which rides a fairy with a blue outfit and wings. The pixie carries a green dragon on her arm

    Realm of Enchantment Trio

    Unicorns, dragons, and fairies go hand in hand, and have long been the subjects of daydreams! Bring that daydream to life with this amazing figurin...

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  • $19.99

    Starfruit Dragon

    Starfruit Dragon This bright dragon is part Starfruit! Yellow scales with a hint of green add a pop of cheerful color. A butterfly and pink flower...

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  • $17.99

    Peppers Dragon

    Peppers Dragon Stanley Morrison's unique dragons come t life in fantastic figurine form! This adorable friend is a three-headed pepper plant. All ...

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  • A blue dragon perches on a stack of three books

    Indigo Book Dragon Figurine

    This colorful friend wants to share his favorite stories with you! The figurine is based upon the artwork of Amy Brown, and features a dragon stand...

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  • $36.99

    Wake Up Dragons

    Wake Up Dragons This fun figurine features a pair of dragons and a mug of a nice, warm beverage! After all, what better way is there to wake up th...

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  • A dragon sits on the lid of a trinket box. The box sides have a Celtic knot pattern and the whole thing is done in a stone gray color

    Celtic Dragon Box

    This dragon is the perfect guardian for your small treasures. Known for their hoards, he will keep your trinkets safe! The dragon sits with head an...

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  • $19.99

    Artichoke Dragon

    Artichoke Dragon Artichokes are a pretty unique plant... and this is an extremely unique dragon! Based upon the artwork of Stanley Morrison, the f...

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  • Red dragon with green and yellow wings sitting in a goblet of red wine

    Red Wine Dragon

    Care for a glass of wine? Well, you might not want to drink this one! The fantastic figurine features little dragon lounging in that delicious beve...

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  • Set with dark faux-stone castle and 12 dragons in assorted colors and poses

    Dragon Set with Castle

    What good is it to have a castle if you don't have any dragons to guard it? You certainly won't have that issue with this set! The fantastic collec...

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  • $50.99

    Winter Fairy with Dragon

    This fine figurine would be a great gift for a fairy lover! The statue features a pixie sitting with her dragon companion. Both the fae and the dra...

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  • $98.99

    'Friends Forever' Dragon & Mistress

    Friendship is one of life's most treasured gifts, and is not limited to the constrains of age, race, or even species! Here, depicted in sculpture b...

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  • $19.99

    Blueberry Dragon

    Blueberry Dragon Stanley Morrison's unique dragons are based off of a variety of things... and this one is a blueberry! The indigo dragon has a fr...

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  • $21.99

    Garlic Dragon

    Garlic Dragon Who doesn't love garlic? And when garlic is also an adorable dragon, even better! This fantastic figurine is based upon the artwork ...

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  • A sorceress in red and black stands, her hair white ombre to black. On her shoulder is a fiery dragon in shades of crimson and orange


    Another version of Nene Thomas' artwork, brought to life in sculpture form! This lovely lass is not one to be trifled with. She's ready for battle,...

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  • $50.00

    Pewter Scroll Dragon

    This Pewter Dragon was designed by artist Ray Lamb exclusively for Perth Pewter. The face of the scroll bears the legend in Latin. The English tra...

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  • $91.49

    Child of War

    This awesome figurine is edgy and eye-catching! The dragon-winged fairy kneels, skulls at her feet and a red-tinged dagger in her hand. Her impress...

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  • $50.00

    Silver Dragon

    Silver Dragon This stunning pewter dragon has impressive wings that seem to float out to either side of him. He surges forward, intent upon reach...

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  • $89.99

    Jade Dragon Statue

    Jade Dragon with LED This fantastic figurine is based on artwork by Ruth Thompson. The green dragon perches upon rocks, laid into which is an elab...

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  • $89.99

    Glass Black Magic Dragon

    Glass Black Magic Dragon This fantastic figurine features a dragon, hovering above a black rock. The reptile has wings of red and black, tipped in...

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  • $79.99

    Buran Dragon

    This fantastic statue is based on the magnificent artwork of Andrew Bill! It features an icy dragon, with scales in shades of black, blue and silve...

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  • Figurine showing a fairy in green dress and brown corset with green and white wings. On her shoulder is an emerald green dragon, they sit in a meadow with yellow flowers

    Summer Fairy with Dragon

    This lovely figurine will please anyone with a love for the fairies! the statue features a pixie and her green dragon companion. The fae exemplifie...

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  • $17.99

    Green Dragon Hatchling

    Green Dragon Hatchling This baby dragon is ready to greet the world! The green hatchling emerges from his shell, spreading his wings for the first...

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  • $48.99

    Vodka Dragon

    Vodka Dragon A splash of vodka... without the hangover! This adorable figurine is based upon the artwork of Stanley Morrison and features a little...

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  • $18.99

    Dragon Eye Tower

    Dragon Eye Tower This dragon guards the all-seeing eye! The beast is done in shades of brilliant amethyst purple accented with gold. It perches up...

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  • $40.00

    Dragon Cycle Pewter Dragon

    Dragon Cycle This is not your typical wizard. With a dragon helmet, he rides his dragon motorcycle, popping a wheelie to show off his skill. Gems ...

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  • pewter dragon chained with wings spread and feamle holding the dragons chains standing next to the dragon.

    Chained Pewter Dragon

    Chained Pewter Dragon Size: 5 1/2 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide Every Maiden needs a dragon! She stands in front of him (tiny in comparison) hold...

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  • $85.99

    Fairy on Swing with Blue Dragon

    Fairy on Swing with Blue Dragon This stunning piece is based upon the artwork of Amy Brown, and is full of bold color and incredible detail! A fai...

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  • $89.99

    Soul Mates, Dragon & Mistress

    Soul Mates, Dragon & Mistress Sultry and captivating, this lady and her dragon are quite a sight to behold! The figurine features a woman clad...

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  • $21.99

    Cantaloupe Dragon

    Cantaloupe Dragon Can't get enough of this cantaloupe dragon! This little friend mimics the tasty melon. His scales are uniquely textured, just li...

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  • Gray dragon figurine. He rears back showing off front claws, wings out to either side. Bright blue eyes make for a piercing gaze

    Checkmate Dragon

    This dragon would blend right into the snow and ice of the northern mountains! The beast is based upon the artwork of Ruth Thompson, and is white w...

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  • $39.99

    Gray Checkmate Dragon

    Gray Checkmate Dragon This striking beast is based upon the artwork of Ruth Thompson! The dragon is silver-gray, and has lots of intricate detail ...

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  • A blue and yellow dragon sits in a tumbler of whiskey

    Whiskey Dragon

    For some, whiskey is the way to go. This dragon agrees! The little beast has blue and tan scales and wings, and he crouches in a whiskey glass, par...

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  • $151.88

    Dragon Mage

    Dragon Mage This gorgeous figurine is based upon the artwork of Anne Stokes! A lovely sorceress stands with her dragon friend, staff in hand. She ...

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  • $85.99

    Fairy and Dragon on a Seesaw

    Fairy and Dragon on a Seesaw What could be better than hanging out with your best friend? This fairy and her dragon companion are having a blast i...

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  • $25.00

    Dragon with Treasure Hoard

    Dragon with Treasure Hoard This rather cute dragon is guarding its treasure hoard! It peers out from where it crouches upon its gold and gems, ta...

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Fairyglen has a fantastic selection of dragon statues.  We add new figurines monthly so check back often.

If an item is sold out but still listed on our site that means most likely we can still get more of that dragon figurine in but it could takes days to month.  We do have a back in stock notification for sold out items so just sign up to get notified if you want that item.

Stanley Morrison Dragon Figurines

The Stanley Morrison line of dragon figurines we carry are the fruit/vegetable dragons as well as the beer/liquor dragons.  These are constant great sellers and generally always in-stock expect around Christmas when they tend to sell out.

Ruth Thompson Dragon Statues

We sell more dragon figurines from Ruth Thomson than any other artist.  Nightfall Dragon and Hoarfrost Dragon are two consistent top sellers people love.

The 3 Dragon Set Magnets we seller have a really good price point and have great detail.  They do break easy but great for what they are.

The Dragon Ornaments we can never keep in stock around Christmas.  New Ruth Thompson dragon ornaments tend to come out in late June of each year.  Be sure to order her full set by October or risk them not being back in stock. Till after Christmas.

Amy Brown Book Dragons

Amy Brown is well known for mostly fairy figurines but she does the teacup dragons and many of the dragons on books.  They are really cute pieces that are well priced.

Anne Stokes Dragons Figurines

Many of the Anne Stoke dragons we stock also have fairies combined. Most of the dragon shirts we sell are designs from Anne Stokes.

Andrew Bill Dragon Artwork

The Andre Bill dragons we have are on the higher end and generally more expensive because of the large size of the items.  We also sell several of hit flat dragon ornaments.


Ed Beard Jr. Dragons

My personal favorite Ed Beard Jr. item is the coffee mug with a wizard and dragon playing chess. For his collection we have figurines, shirts, mugs, and tapestries.  The Good Book Tapestry is a leading seller of ours as well.


Weight & Size of the Dragon Statues


All listings include the weight of the statue statue.  Be sure to measure the planned space to ensure the item can fit.  Some dragon statues are tall while others are wide or long.


Shipping Times

All dragon figurines and statuary are in stock if orderable.  We often ship out same business day or next business day.


What is the item is damaged during Shipping?

We stand by the quality of all items we sell.  If an item arrives damaged we can replace it for no charge.  We do require a picture of the damaged item so we can put in an insurance claim.




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