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Here Be Dragons! FairyGlen has a very large selection of Dragon figurines, Gifts and Home Décor.

Dragons have grabbed the imagination of humans since early civilization. They are seen as beasts of great power that can be good or bad.  They often symbolize great knowledge and wisdom on the kinder side but significant greed and self-absorption on the other.  In many cases dragons poses mystical powers and live a very very long life.

Dragons have been popularized in the past century through fantasy-based literature and fantastic sculptures and merchandise through artists around the world have captured the essence of the varying dragon types.

At FairyGlen we have one of the largest selections of dragon figurines available from many of the top artists around the world.  Most items we carry are hand painted and have fantastic level of details.  Our price points are the best you can find online and back with our strong customer service make us your top choice to purchase from.

Dragon figurines

Nearly all the dragon figurines are hand painted. Many are designed based on licensed art work from many of the world’s top fantasy artists.  FairyGlen works with a number of vendors to help bring some of these creations to life and we are able to provide exceptional value on all the dragon statues and figurines we sell.

Dragon Home Décor

Our Dragon Home Décor section is always changing and we bring in new items each quarter.  We have many dragon themed items for around the home. Staplers, Bookends, trinket boxes, switch plates, magnets, coasters and on and on.  A really large selection that is easy to get lost in.

Dragon Shirts

Most of our dragon shirts come from our partner vendor TheMountain.  A well-known source for top quality shirts.  All shirts are fully licensed which is important because these independent artists need our support to keep making such great dragon themed artwork.

Our Top seller in this niche is the Fire Dragon.  However we sell dozens of designs each year and in many different shirt sizes.

Pewter Dragon Items

The pewter dragon items we carry are truly one of a kind and very hard to source.  They are nearly all made in the United States by smaller independent artists. Most the pewter dragons are smaller items but the details for these being pewter are truly remarkable.  We strongly encourage you to view the pewter items for more unique gift.

Dragon Ornaments

Most dragon ornaments are turned off or not stocked till September.  We have some standard Games of thrones ornaments stocked all year round.  The real special item is the Ruth Thomson Dragon ornaments and set. We sell out every year and it’s a truly great looking set that we just can’t ever get enough in stock on come the holiday buying season.  We recommend you shop in September to secure the best dragon ornaments.

Dragon Blankets and Tapestries

Most of the dragon tapestries we sell are made to order.  We do stock some dragon tapestries but for the most part we have them made as they are ordered.  Because of this they do take 2-4 weeks some times to get shipped out but they are well worth the wait.  These well-made tapestries really help tie up any dragon themed room and make a fantastic gift for any fantasy lover.

Dragon Kitchen Ware

We work with several small artists to bring you a great selection of much needed dragon mugs, goblets and all-round kitchen ware dragon décor. A personal favorite of many is the set of 4 Dragon Mugs with spoons.  We often sell a lot of the goblets and they make for a really cool looking kitchen.

Dragon Jewelry

We have a very good selection of dragon jewelry.  Much of it is made in England and the US. In many cases the items are gender neutral and make a great gift for both males and females.

Dragon Books, Journals and Calendars

The books and journals are stocked year-round but we normally only sell the calendars from September to when ever those calendars sell out. This section contains greeting cards and magnets as well.

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