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Elvish Copper Leaf of Fall Necklace

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This gorgeous necklace features a copper leaf of Hollin-- the realm of the Noldorin Elves in the Second Age. For a Lord of the Rings fan, it's the ultimate in historic jewelry! The leaf has one side written in Sindarin Elvish, which translates to:
“Star-kindler, O Elbereth! White shining slants down like the Silmarils from the heavens - the radiance of the star-host.”

On the reverse side are Dwarvish Runes which say:
"Under Celebrimbor, lord of Eregion Tegilbor made me in the eleventieth year of the third yen.”

Material: Solid copper, 6.4 grams

Size: 2.5 cm pendant, 30" stainless steel cable chain


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