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Advent Dice Calendar 2022

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Do you remember advent calendars? These peculiar cardboard boxes, usually decorated with Christmas drawings, with perforated slots marked 1 to 24, but arranged randomly across the entire box's surface? The most quaint thing was that you could only open one window per day (sometimes more, but shhh), and there was candy or chocolate inside - so the countdown to Christmas was really sweet and satisfying. It's a pity we're adults now, right?

Wrong! This is the best way to count down the days to Christmas for adults and kids alike: The Advent Dice Calendar! Now you can make yourself (or someone else) a gift full of childhood memories, but with a pragmatic twist; this calendar doesn't contain any fattening sweets, but very special dice instead, awesome and ready to use in all your games.

Santa is closer with each moment! Count down the days until Christmas! Open 24 slots of the colorful cardboard box – inside 23 of them, you’ll find fantastic dice created by Q Workshop, plus a metal coin in the last one! Discover astonishing designs of intricate engravings and beautiful color themes, and dive into the magnificent world of dice! Make yourself a little gift every day before Christmas Eve!

  • This calendar is made of cardboard in full-color print, with plastic filling.
  • 15 dice are randomly chosen from the range of Q Workshop’s most popular and newest designs, in various types and color themes.
  • 8 dice are in the new design of the Christmas Dice Set (additional Modern D4 is included), in a new exclusive color theme.
  • On the last day, there is a special metal coin, masterfully designed, especially for this edition of the Advent Dice Calendar. (the quality of the coin is astonishing - one of the most detailed we ever created)

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