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  • Black metal and glass flower tealight chandelier with crystals. Hangs from chain.

    Midnight Blooms Candle Chandelier

    This intriguing candle chandelier mixes curls of black metal, six twilight-kissed glass candle cups, and a bevy of faceted dangling crystals that c...

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  • Tealight candle sconce with two red flowers and accent berry stems

    Ruby Blossom Tealight Sconce

    Delicate blooms glow with a sensuous scarlet candlelit hue, turning this Art Deco sconce into a marvel of dazzling light. Especially lovely when di...

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  • Tree of Life tapestry blanket with elegant flowering tree at the center, and elaborate floral designs forming a border around it

    Ornate Tree of Life Tapestry Blanket

    Stunning colors weave together to show off this gorgeous tree of life design. A symbol of life and connectedness of all things on the earth, it's a...

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  • White unicorn with purple glittery main and tail and golden horn stands near a fairy with lilac sparkling wings. They admire the yellow spring flowers together

    Forest Magic

    A fair-haired fairy pauses by a clear forest pool, her unicorn companion sharing the morning’s magic beauty. This serene scene is sure to bring a l...

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  • Candleholder with a metal  butterfly and lily blossoms curving above a pale purple candle holder with butterfly designs

    Butterfly Lily Candle Holder

    Candlelight never looked so dreamy! This beautiful silver candle stand features a cutout butterfly fluttering past delicate lily flowers, while the...

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  • Fairy in purple with wings to match sits amongst the violet orchids. Above her is a lamp reminiscent of a lily of the valley blossom

    Orchid Fairy Table Lamp

    Pausing above a newly blooming bed of violet-sunset orchids, a winged beauty reflects upon the peacefulness of her shady forest glade. A gorgeous t...

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  • Candle holder mimicking a golden lily with faceted flower buds to either side and one candle cup flower at the center
    from $20.99

    Dawn Lily Candle Wall Sconce

    Light your room with shimmering candlelight from this beautiful wall sconce candle holder.?ÿCandle cup awaits a candle of your choice, surrounded b...

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  • Two red flower blossoms to hold tea light candles attached to graceful metal stems

    Red Flowers Candle Holder

    Bask your table setting in a romantic glow with this beautiful double red flower candleholder. The decorative candle holder holds two tea lights in...

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  • Solar powered fairy figurine shows of a pixie in pink admiring tall flowers

    Solar Peony Fairy

    A sweet young fairy pauses to admire a new-found patch of blushing blooms, blessing your garden with the beauty of spring. Enjoy this statue both d...

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  • Solar light with fairy base. Pixie has a pink dress and wings

    Solar Fairy Walkway Lamp

    Shed mystical, magical solar-powered light on your garden path with this charming fairy. Her pink wings and matching fairy dress will delight you a...

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  • A tealight candle holder made to look like a deep purple lily flower with two smaller blossoms, on a metal stalk with leaves.

    Twilight Bloom Tealight Holder

    A single dusky purple lily holds a tealight candle, while crystalline flower buds capture the gentle glow. A beautiful reminder of the quiet enchan...

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  • Fairy in a pink dress with basket of flowers that lights up at night. Pink wings with flower accents.

    Pink Solar Fairy

    This pink fairy delivers lovely glow to your garden at night, and charming flowers by day! This garden statue features a pretty fairy with pink win...

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  • A nude fairy tucks her knees up to her chin while sitting amidst periwinkle flowers. Her wings are purple and black and she has brown hair!

    Periwinkle Faery

    This delightful collectible features a fairy designed by fantasy artist Amy Brown! The pixie sits, nude, with her knees drawn up to her chin, arms ...

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  • A nude fairy lays in the flowers. She has pink wings with green and the blossoms around her are also pink!

    Primrose Faery

    This fanciful figurine, based on a design from Amy Brown, features a fairy reclining amid leaves and pink flowers. The pixie has wings in a rosy sh...

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  • Mermaid with pink scales and white-blond hair laying on a bed of red roses

    Sea of Roses Mermaid

    This gorgeous figurine is based upon the stunning artwork of Selina Fenech! A mermaid rests upon a bed of roses. She has scales on her tail and arm...

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    Current price $12.99

    Empress Hitomi Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

    Empress Hitomi Jigsaw Puzzle This striking puzzle will delight the eyes even as it keeps the brain busy! The artwork is the work of Nene Thomas, a...

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  • $29.99

    Dragonfly Wine Glass

    This stunning wineglass is perfect for any occasion! Springy and colorful, it features a delightful dragonfly scene, which will capture the light e...

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  • $16.99

    Butterfly Rose Cross Pillow

    Name: Butterfly Rose Cross Pillow This lovely pillow features a wooden cross against a gray-blue background. Rose blooms decorate the cross, while...

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    Current price $27.49

    Glass Pink Pearl "Mom, I Love You" Rose

    Express your love for the most important lady - Mom! This stunning long-stemmed rose will never wilt or fade, and will add sparkle and joy to any m...

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  • 500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Educa featuring a princess in pink standing by a white unicorn, surrounded by flowers and butterflies. A castle under a rainbow is seen in the background.

    Fairy & Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Pieces)

    Bring some magic into your world with this fantastic jigsaw puzzle! The pieces come together to make a colorful image of a princess and her unicorn...

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  • A princess stands in the forest wearing a white dress, with a pearly white unicorn and a stone dragon. They are surrounded by flowers. 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle by Educa

    Dragon, Princess & Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle (1500 Pieces)

    Set aside some time to embark on the challenge of bringing this striking scene to life!?ÿThe magical scene shows off a stunning princess and her un...

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  • $19.99

    Dogwood Flower Hairclip

    Dogwood Hairclip Oberon hair barrettes and sticks are amazingly lightweight and durable. We hand cast each one using Britannia pewter. We use the ...

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  • $21.99

    Bluebell Woods Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    Lose yourself in magic as you piece together this incredible jigsaw puzzle! The artwork, done by legendary Anne Stokes, features a maiden and her s...

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  • Carla Morrow's Enchanted Blossoms oracle deck with dragon-butterfly cards

    Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle

    Enchanted Blossoms Empowerment Oracle This wholly unique oracle concept combines the majesty of dragons with the delicate beauty of butterfly wing...

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  • $14.99

    Fairy Whispers Jigsaw Puzzle (750 Pieces)

    Piece by piece, you will reveal a magical image! The jigsaw puzzle artwork by Lisa Parker shows a fairy and a unicorn sharing a quiet moment. The p...

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  • $17.99

    Solar Greenhouse Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    This absolutely stunning design is sure to delight the gardener, peacock lover, or anyone with an eye for beauty! Jigsaw puzzles make the perfect i...

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  • $59.99

    Butterfly Cross Tapestry Blanket

    This gorgeous tapestry blanket is sure to please. Hang it on the wall, drape it over a couch, or bundle up in it on a cold evening! The image, by t...

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  • $14.99

    Chasing the Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Pieces)

    There is no more iconic pairing than a rainbow and a unicorn! This fantastic puzzle will keep your eyes delighted as you work to put the pieces tog...

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  • $14.99

    Unicorns in the Forest Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Pieces)

    Let this herd of unicorns keep you company when you're stuck inside on a cold or rainy day. The perfect indoor activity, jigsaw puzzles help you st...

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  • $15.99

    Butterfly Poinsettia Christmas Cards

    ?ÿ These gorgeous Christmas cards will add color and magic to the holiday season! Perfect for sending to friends and loved ones, each card features...

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  • $12.99

    Full Bloom Butterfly Softcover Notebook

    This colorful notebook is the perfect place to record your thoughts, to-do lists, dreams, and anything else you don't want to forget! The cover fea...

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  • $19.99

    Wildflower Hairclip

    Wildflower Hairclip Oberon hair barrettes and sticks are amazingly lightweight and durable. We hand cast each one using Britannia pewter. We use t...

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  • $24.99

    Narcissus Hair Comb

    Narcissus Hair Comb Our stick and comb barrettes are for those with thicker hair or upswept hairstyles. Both offer a very secure fit and will stay...

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  • Fairy statue with a pink dress and three yellow daisies that light up via solar power at night. The pixie has iron wings with a floral motif

    Solar Garden Blooms Fairy

    This pretty fairy statue will make your garden or yard more beautiful, day and night. When the sunƒ??s out, youƒ??ll enjoy her intricate detailing ...

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  • Fleece throw blanket. A white unicorn with glowing horn greets a purple-clad fairy. Around them, white and purple flowers bloom in the forest.

    Fairy Whispers Fleece Throw

    Bring magic into your home, and stay cozy and warm! This fantastic fleece throw features a fairy and her unicorn companion. The little pixie is cla...

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  • Display view of unicorn bust. White face with purple nose and silver horn. Mane cascades down from lavender to purple to blue to teal, with violet roses and lighter lilac blossoms and a braid.

    Pure Elegance Unicorn Figurine

    This stunning piece will add a dash of magic to your home! The bust features a unicorn head done in bold shades of pearly white, purples, blues and...

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  • Rachel Anderson's work shows off a lovely pixie sitting on a toadstool. The fairy has a pale white dress and transparent wings, and contrasting ebony black hair. She holds up a flower like a cup, ready to catch a drip of morning dew. More of the lily of the valley blossoms bloom along the plant's stem, and a snail friend keeps the fae company. Cross stitch mockup
    from $19.00

    Lily of the Valley Cross Stitch Pattern by Rachel Anderson

    Let the beautiful art come to life with each of your stitches! Rachel Anderson's work shows off a lovely pixie sitting on a toadstool. The fairy ha...

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  • features a beautiful design of dragonflies and flowers, with a vintage ephemera letter look. The dragonfly on the front seems to come alive with color and detail! Outer surface shown open

    Vintage Dragonfly Large Wallet

    This stunning wallet is the perfect way to keep your money safe and important cards organized! It features a beautiful design of dragonflies and fl...

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  • The artwork of Lisa Parker reveals a unicorn and a fairy. The white equine has a sparkling horn and long mane, and leans down to the pixie on a root below. Around them, purple flowers bloom in an enchanted forest. Cross stitch mockup
    from $19.00

    Fairy Whispers Cross Stitch Pattern by Lisa Parker

    Bring magic to life as you work on this cross stitch! The artwork of Lisa Parker reveals a unicorn and a fairy. The white equine has a sparkling ho...

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  • $10.99

    Unicorn Capiz Shell Box

    This beautiful box is the perfect gift for a unicorn lover, and a fantastic way to present a gift of jewelry or other small trinkets! The box is ma...

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  • $19.99

    Mystical Unicorn Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    This stunning puzzle will provide plenty of challenge while delighting the eyes as you reveal the image! The jigsaw is shaped like a prancing unico...

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  • $20.99

    Ring O' Roses Ear Studs

    These gorgeous earrings will add a touch of gothic elegance to your look. Shining black roses are framed by a trio of leaves for a triangular, dram...

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  • $12.99

    Boho Chic Wooden Butterfly Heart Ornament Trio

    These floral fantasies are the perfect way to add a touch of delicate nature to the d??cor! They would look fabulous on a Christmas tree, but could...

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  • $19.99

    Lotus Hairclip

    Lotus Hairclip Oberon hair barrettes and sticks are amazingly lightweight and durable. We hand cast each one using Britannia pewter. We use the hi...

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  • Beautiful artwork from Jane Starr Weils of a fairy woman with a moon topped staff. The pixie wears shades of blue with matching wings. Blue morning glory moonflowers bloom below her, and a luna moth flits by
    from $19.00

    Moonflower Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern by Jane Starr Weils

    This set of instructions will provide the pattern to recreate the artwork of Jane Starr Weils in cross-stitch. The art features a striking fairy cl...

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  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle by Educa featuring a princess in a blue dress with blond hair and a white unicorn. Butterflies and birds fly around them, and there are also flamingos, a peacock, and bunnies. A castle is in the background and there are flowers everywhere!

    The Princess & the Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

    A magical scene unfolds as you piece together this fantasy puzzle! The image revealed shows off a golden blond princess in a blue dress, sharing a ...

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  • Cross stitch mockup, art by Myles Pinkney -  The art shows off a fairy surrounded by golden yellow roses. The pixie has elaborate wings and is surrounded by the sparkles that emanate from her magic wand.
    from $19.00

    Butterscotch Cross Stitch Pattern by Myles Pinkney

    This project will fill your eyes with hues of gold as you work through the stitches! The art shows off a fairy surrounded by golden yellow roses. T...

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  • Princess and Unicorn crystal painting scene finished, surrounded by butterflies and flowers

    Princess & Unicorn Crystal Art Framed Kit

    This stunning craft kit makes a magical scene of a princess in pink and her white unicorn friend! They frolic in a meadow of flowers. The Crystal A...

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