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Fantastic Fairy Garden Finds

Fantastic Fairy Garden Finds

As the weather warms up, it's time to plan out the garden! And inviting butterflies, bees, birds and beneficial buggies is a great way to honor nature. But why not attract some magic, too? Make a fairy garden to really bring a touch of whimsy to your outdoor spaces!
Even if you only have a small deck, patio, or balcony, you can still create a beautiful space full of color and delight, where you can relax, be at peace, and enjoy a touch of the natural world. 
We've collected some of our favorite fairy garden finds, and have some plant suggestions to pair them with!
Flower Fairy Cottage

One of our best selling items, this little cottage is the perfect way to attract some fairies into your garden! The pink petals and climbing vines are absolutely charming, and an LED gives it a cozy glow at night! Nestle this in amongst ground-covering plants like creeping phlox or periwinkle vinca vine for a a truly delightful little scene.

Reading Frog on a Mushroom Solar Light

Frogs and gardens go hand-in-hand, and this friend is the perfect addition! The froggy perches on a toadstool seat, engrossed in reading a good book. A flower arcs up above him with a solar light - which both gives him the light by which to read, and adds some illumination to your yard, too! This wonderful garden décor would look perfect near a pond, fountain or other water feature full of water lilies, reeds, and other aquatic plants!
Magic Garden Flowerpot

If you've got limited space, this little flowerpot is perfect for you. It will fit right in on a deck, step, or even windowsill inside! The mushroom and fairy motif is both witchy and cute, and this one makes a particularly great gift idea. Fill it with small plants or herbs like mint, basil, parsley or sage for a useful addition to your cooking!

Peacock Windchime

Don't just appeal to your sense of sight, but delight in sound, too! This windchime will make enchanting tones as it gently dances in the wind. A colorful peacock adds a burst of brightness to any corner, especially when it catches the sun! Hang this from a tree branch or amidst hanging baskets of petunias on the porch!

Sitting Yellow Fairy

A small yellow pixie - the perfect summertime friend! And she's sure to invite more of the fae to your garden. This little figurine is a wonderful companion for potted plants - just tuck her in amidst the leaves! She would look particularly lovely in a pot of gorgeously-leaved coleus plants, or surrounded by forget-me-nots.

Moss Edged Birdhouse

This one is for the birds, literally! With a rustic, magic forest look this birdhouse is crafted from sturdy wood with mossy accents and even has a little chimney. Your feathered friends can rest inside, happily raising their little birdy families. This piece would be great hung from the branches of a tree in the backyard, where you can watch its inhabitants from a deck chair or window!

Lawn Dragon Statue

Seeking a fearsome protector for your yard? Look no further! This lawn dragon makes an striking impression. It comes in three places, so you can arrange him to look as if he's partially underground, bursting out from the soil of the garden! An excellent choice to arrange in the rose garden for a uniquely medieval look that your guests are sure to remember.

Celestial Unicorn Wind Chime

Fill a small vertical space with some unicorn magic! This dangling chime features three unicorn heads with celestial accents, spaced with metal orbs and a bell at the bottom. Just the right touch of enchantment! This would look great hung near climbing vines like clematis or moonflower.

Solar Gnome on Mushroom

What would a garden be without a garden gnome? This cute buddy is laying on a mushroom, holding up a lantern. The solar powered light will give some illumination at nighttime, helping to show a path or step. This festive friend would look great near springtime daffodils or summer shrubbery like oleander!

Happy Garden Dragon

Invite happiness and good will into your garden with this cheerful critter. The dragon raises his hands in excitement, pleased to see you and all guests to your yard! An ideal gift for any fantasy-inclined gardener, this figurine would look great nestled amidst colorful flowers like snapdragons (how fitting!) or pansies.
Butterfly Stepping Stone

Rounding out (no pun intended) our fairy garden favorites is this butterfly stepping stone! Colorful and lively, it features two elegant flutterbys and a smattering of flowers and leaves. Tuck this into a mulched or mossed garden bed to step across to secret path, or place it somewhere prominent as a display piece!
Hopefully, we've given you some great ideas for your garden this year. Fairy gardens can be as creative as your imagination allows! Beyond our items shown here, you can craft little pixie houses from your naturally surroundings, using pinecones, sticks, moss, acorns and other found items to make delightful homes for enchanted friends. Arranging and picking out decorations and plants is the perfect way to enjoy and appreciate nature and the warmer weather that spring brings!
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