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Solace Tile by Nene Thomas

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Solace Tile by Nene Thomas

Sometimes, you just need to sit alone, close your eyes, and think quiet thoughts... and that's just what this fairy is doing. She's found the perfect secluded spot to do it in, too, and is perched upon the crescent moon! The pixie wears a black, billowing gown and has ebony hair to match. Her wings are highlighted with indigo and white, and dark blue-purple fabric and ribbons echo the shades of the night sky. A white rose dangles from one of her pale hands, spilling its petals into the sky.

Artist: Nene Thomas

This item features the art work of Nene Thomas. It is an 8" X 10" ceramic tile with a full cork backing and two recessed hangers that fold flat for countertop use. A beautiful gossamer ribbon is included for hanging.

Product Line: Ceramic Sensations Ceramic Art Tiles

Item# 83824

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