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Full Moon Coin

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Do you ever look up at the night sky and wish it was just a little bit closer? Or imagine those you love, far away, looking up at the same skies? The moon is, perhaps, not so far away after all - its likeness can, at least, be coaxed down from the heavens.

This coin of Earth's Moon features a geographically (technically it's selenographically) correct 136,794,240:1 scale design of the surface texture of both its near and far side. A great worry coin, gift, or reminder coin. Perfect to give to a loved one so that they can remember, even when they're far away, that you are both under the same starry skies.

These coins come in a variety of styles, and each measures 1" diameter

Silver Full Moon coin: Struck in solid 999 fine silver

Copper Blood Moon coin: Struck in solid copper

Brass Harvest Moon coin: Struck in solid brass

Iron Moon coin: Struck in solid iron


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