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Realm of the Unicorn

Realm of the Unicorn

  • A cat wearing a pentacle sits upon a stack of thick leather-bound books. Next to the feline is a broom and bubbling cauldron, spiderweb, chalice, and athame dagger with a rose. A brick backdrop completes the piece. Front view.

    Little Wicked Conjuring Corner

    This striking piece shows off a witchy scene! A cat wearing a pentacle sits upon a stack of thick leather-bound books. Next to the feline is a broo...

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  • Lily of the Valley figurine showing a fairy with transparent wings on a mushroom, holding a flower and looking up at more lily of the valley blooms

    Lily of the Valley Fairy

    This lovely fairy sculpture is evocative of spring as she sits on a mushroom and gazes up at the new blooms above her head. The tiny winged female ...

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  • $68.49

    Steampunk Bee Wall Clock

    Steampunk Bee Wall Clock This fantastic clock is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your wall! It's done a Steampunk style, with lots of cog...

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  • Figurine with a white unicorn upon which rides a fairy with a blue outfit and wings. The pixie carries a green dragon on her arm

    Realm of Enchantment Trio

    Unicorns, dragons, and fairies go hand in hand, and have long been the subjects of daydreams! Bring that daydream to life with this amazing figurin...

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  • Fairy in black dress with red and black wings and hair standing in front of a Gothic archway window. A spider is nearby.

    Arachnafaria Fairy

    Arachnafaria Fairy When dealing with the fae, it's wise not to make promises you can't keep, and to not become entangled within their webs. This p...

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  • $101.49

    Immortal Flight Fairy

    This gorgeous figurine features a mysterious fairy at a pool of water. The pixie has blue wings edged with black designs, and wears an ebony dress....

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  • $80.49

    Lost Love Fairy

    Lost Love Fairy A unique addition to any fairy-lover's collection, this figurine features a Gothic pixie. The fae weeps for her lost love, and wea...

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  • Guardian of the North wolf figurine by Lisa Parker. A white wolf lays on a snowy rock, looking back.

    Guardian of the North Wolf

    This striking figurine features the artwork of Lisa Parker, made 3D! A wolf rests, watching though peaceful for the moment. Denizen of the snow and...

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  • $96.99

    Mystic Aura Fairy

    Fairies are one with nature, and this lovely lady is no exception. The pixie walks across the grassy earth, which is dotted with little blue flower...

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  • Guardian angel statue with feathered wings outspread, holding a sword and standing on a stone pillar with snow

    Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Statue This piece is mysterious and striking, and definitely an eye-catcher. An angel stands, feathered wings held out to either si...

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  • $98.99

    'Friends Forever' Dragon & Mistress

    Friendship is one of life's most treasured gifts, and is not limited to the constrains of age, race, or even species! Here, depicted in sculpture b...

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  • $100.99

    Siren's Lament

    Siren's Lament Mermaids may be captivating and beautiful, but they are also dangerous and crafty. This gorgeous siren lays upon the rocks above th...

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  • $91.49

    Child of War

    This awesome figurine is edgy and eye-catching! The dragon-winged fairy kneels, skulls at her feet and a red-tinged dagger in her hand. Her impress...

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  • $79.99

    Spirit Guide

    Spirit Guide An angel stands before you, feathered wings spread up behind her and white dress trailing on the ground behind her. The ethereal lady...

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  • $94.99

    Only Love Remains

    Only Love Remains This gorgeous figurine by Anne Stokes will bring a touch of elegance and magic into your home. It evokes wistful emotions, and f...

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  • $89.99

    Angel Rose

    Angel Rose A gorgeous angel stands before you, though she pays you no heed. Her skin is pale, and her hair dark, as is her striking dress. The wom...

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  • Figurine of a woman in white and a fur cloak, standing with two white wolves

    Winter Guardians

    Winter Guardians Wolves & Mistress Wolves, ancestors to man's best friend. And, in some cases, they still remain woman's best friends! This fa...

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  • $88.99

    Pure Heart Unicorn & Girl

    Pure Heart Unicorn & Girl For the pure of heart, a unicorn may be waiting in some secret glen... This maiden has found her unicorn! The woman ...

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  • $89.99

    Soul Mates, Dragon & Mistress

    Soul Mates, Dragon & Mistress Sultry and captivating, this lady and her dragon are quite a sight to behold! The figurine features a woman clad...

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  • $151.88

    Dragon Mage

    Dragon Mage This gorgeous figurine is based upon the artwork of Anne Stokes! A lovely sorceress stands with her dragon friend, staff in hand. She ...

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  • $97.99

    Blue Moon Unicorn

    Blue Moon The bond between maiden and unicorn is a strong one, forged in purity and magic. This pair, a lovely girl and her magical steed, relax t...

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  • Figurine with a Grim Reaper skeelton with black cloak and scythe. In front of him is a sorceress maiden in a blue-gray dress holding an hourglass

    Summoning the Reaper

    Death does not always come in the form of creepy ghouls or ghastly monsters. Here, the Grim Reaper has been summoned by a girl, lovely and fair, bu...

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  • Fairy in blue with transparent wings and an ice crown, holding a crystal ball. She sits on a rock adorned with crystals

    Stargazer Fairy

    Stargazer Fairy This gorgeous fairy is queen of ice, and certainly doesn't mind the cold! She has pale hair topped with a translucent crown, and h...

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  • $42.99

    Art Nouveau Greenman Plaque

    Art Nouveau Greenman Plaque This unique plaque is a wonderful way to celebrate your love of the forest! It features the Greenman of lore, done in ...

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  • White snowy owl with wings spread to either side, in flight. Below is a snow covered tree branch

    Flying Snowy Owl

    This fantastic figurine is perfect for the owl lover! It features a winged hunter of the night, feathers spread to either side, swooping over a sno...

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  • $69.99

    Steampunk Bee Bookend

    Steampunk Bee Bookend Add a touch of Steampunk whimsy to your home with this fabulous bookend. Based upon the artwork of Brigid Ashwood, it featur...

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  • $105.49

    Water Dragon & Mistress

    Water Dragon & Mistress This gorgeous piece features a striking woman and her dragon friend. The tattooed lady stands within a well, wearing a...

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  • $89.99

    Harbinger Angel

    Harbinger Angel This fabulous figurine features an angel done by artist Anne Stokes! The lovely lady is clad in a black dress, with blue and ebony...

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  • Trinket box shaped like the eye of a dragon. Thorny scales surround the blue eye

    Thorny Scale Dragon Eye Trinket Box

    This fantastic trinket box is the perfect way to express your love of dragons! It's shaped like the eye of a majestic beast, glittering blue with i...

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  • $54.99

    Steampunk Owl Cell & Pen Holder

    Steampunk Owl Cell & Pen Holder Why settle for boring desk organizers when you can be unique? This fantastic piece serves as both pen holder a...

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  • $39.99

    Hecate Trinket Box

    Hecate Trinket Box This beautiful box will keep your trinkets safe! It features the goddess Hecate patron of magic and witchcraft. It shows her in...

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  • $134.99

    Dragon Companion

    This stunning figurine is based upon the exquisite artwork of James Ryman! A lovely vixen relaxes with her dragon friend. Wearing an outfit of crim...

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  • $89.99

    Guardian Angel (Bronze)

    This epic figurine features an angel with enormous wings spread to either side. He wears a hooded cloak, face shrouded in darkness, and holds a swo...

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  • $110.49

    Avenger Steampunk Angel

    Avenger Steampunk Angel Danger and elegance mix in this awesome statue by artist Anne Stokes! A fairy paces forward, guns held ready and goggles p...

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  • $69.99

    Armored Dragon LED Nightlight

    Let this dragon guard you as you sleep! Clad in armor, he's a force to be reckoned with and will drive away the bad dreams and spooky shadows. Crad...

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  • $58.99

    His Master's Voice Cat Statue

    His Master's Voice Cat Statue Cat lovers are sure to fancy this magickal piece! Based upon the artwork of Lisa Parker, it features a black feline...

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  • $106.49

    The Assassin Steampunk Fairy

    The Assassin Steampunk Fairy This gorgeous figurine by artist Anne Stokes features a feisty fairy! The Steampunk vixen carries a gun and wears a m...

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  • $96.99


    Dragonkin This gorgeous figurine features a lovely lady and her dragon companions! The girl is pale-haired and fair-skinned, and glad in robes of ...

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  • $105.99

    Tree of Life Figurine

    Tree of Life Figurine This fantastic figurine features a stunning depiction of the Tree of Life, by artist Luna Lakota! Nestled into its green lea...

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  • $89.99

    Lunch with a Toothpick Dragon

    Lunch with a Toothpick This hilarious figurine is based on the great artwork of Ed Beard Jr! It features a red dragon, sated after a delicious mea...

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  • $121.99

    Witch's Apprentice

    Witch's Apprentic This adorable figurine features the artwork of Lisa Parker, brought to life in 3D! The detailed statue depicts a black cat poise...

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  • $66.99

    Flying Dragon Coat of Arms Skull

    A touch macabre, perhaps, but also beautifully ornate! This skull features swirling designs of thistle, accompanied by flying dragons. It's captiva...

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  • $101.49

    The Druid - Bronze

    The Druid - Bronze This unique piece is the bronze version of Ruth Thompson's The Druid! The man stands tall and proud with his companions-- raven...

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  • $132.99

    Little Dark Riding Hood

    This maiden isn't likely to be eaten in the woods! She has fiery red hair and a dark hooded cloak and dress. She carries a violin, and at her side ...

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  • Steampunk whale with galactic colony on it

    52 Hertz Galactic Colony Whale

    A whale... a steampunk whale! This unique piece is sure to catch the eye and spark the imagination. Full of detail and whimsy, the piece has lots o...

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  • $33.99

    Hocus Pocus Witch

    Hocus Pocus Witch This figurine is perfect for the little witch in your life! She wears a dress of purple and black with red accents, and rides up...

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  • $99.49

    Steampunk Dragon Head Box

    Steampunk Dragon Head Box This fantastic box is shaped like the head of a dragon, but done in a unique steampunk style! Bronze and copper cogs, ge...

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  • $89.99


    Felina This sassy figurine is a great way to add some eye-catching magic to your home! Based upon the artwork of Luna Lakota, it features a sexy m...

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